salvador dali

i once saw a great interview with salvador dali and he talked about how he was afraid to die and that great artists like him should live forever... he had what looked like true fear of death in his eyes as he spoke... of course he died but his art lives on...

beard of the week

my son, the creative genius

my son, wilco draws for like 3 or 4 hours a day... he has done hundreds and hundreds of drawing... he's made more art in his 7 years than i have in my 38 years... he is amazing and i love him and his work... check it out here...

also here is wilco in action with my equally talented and cool 2 year old daughter, bebe ray gains...

three frames

this is pretty trippy website... all based around three frames

the wrestler

weird girlfriend

vampire girl poster

underground bar poster

on the way to a sonic youth show

the datsuns drawing

thank god for bfFM

check out aucklands best radio station bFM

sin city cover by edna and edward gains

rock guy drawing

mr slackjaw poster

meatbix drawing

check out the worlds craziest band meatbix

leatherface drawing

kings of leon portrait

johnny ramone portrait

i am evil records logo

fat guy drawing

evan dando drawing

edhead logo

edward gains... yet another self portrait

edward gains self portrait

edward gains loves coke

coca cola... high roller... reach over into the cooler... plastic bottle or in a can... it doesn't bother me as long as it's cold... the sunshine holds onto me like a dream... i'm thirsty again... my red and white friend... it's always there... in every store... i'm such a bore... you know what i'm going for... coca cola... coca cola... enjoy coca cola...

D4 drawing

deja voodoo gig poster

catwoman drawings

calexico artwork

bonnie 'prince' billy drawings

bob log III drawing

girl in boots

almo the dog

pulp fiction pop art