speaking of vince vaughn

heres a picture of him... slightly weird that i mentioned him playing hank as this photo is very much like the californication poster from season three... except he's not under the water he's above the water... and he's wearing a tie... and his arms are not folded... but maybe david duchovny was going for more of a vince vaughn thing on season three... or maybe i'm reading too much into this...


what a week... i feel like watching something funny... californication is pretty fucking' funny... season three is here online to watch and that has not played in new zealand yet... i watched the first episode last night and it was pretty good although hank was a bit like a cartoon of himself... slightly over the top compared to how cool he was in the first two seasons... it was almost like watching a movie remake of californication and hank was played by vince vaughn or something... but i won't judge as that was only the first episode and it's still a hell of a lot better than most shit on tv...

light and dark

wilco played last night at the amazing civic theatre in downtown auckland... before the show my wife and i had got some absolutely tragic news that afternoon about a good friend of ours... it brought home to us how fragile life is and how you are never truly prepared for what it could throw at you at any time... life is not fair and bad things happen to good people... i am not a person who prays at all but i was last night... we were not even going to go to the show but we did... we named our son after that band and they are very special to the both of us... it was a day of total extremes... you get those sometimes... the light is so bright it's blinding and the darkness is so dark that all you can see is black... thank you wilco the band for wilco the songs last night... sorry we had to get up and leave after via chicago... but you gave us what we needed... some light in the darkness...

the expendables

okay so this could be bad but i bet it won't be...

watch the trailer here

satan is coming

a great photo is all about timing... i'd say timing was pretty perfect on this one hahaha...

satans not real by the way...

i love the future

not so sure about the actual future... not sure if it's going to be nearly as good as this image might portray...

i love my kids

my kids rule... wilco rules and bebe rules too... not just because they are the most awesome boy and girl to ever walk the planet earth but also because they are funny and talented and cool to hang out with... i love them so much... i look at these photos and i know why i am alive...

my grandad

my mum just gave me this photo of my granddad, sam mccarroll, last night... i never got to meet him... he's the one with the guitar... this is a photo of him living in america... he left home in ireland when he was 17 and went to america to work on the cotton fields... he never saw his mum and dad again after that cause then he went to new zealand on a boat and met my grandma, winnie... i wish i had know him and i wish i had asked more about him when my grandma was alive... make the most of your grandparents...


okay so i wrote the next 2011 world cup anthem... i can't say 'rugby world cup' or i will get sued...


you better fuckin' win it
you bunch of fuckin' poofters
you better not lose it again
'cause the whole country's counting on you

the fate of the nation
rests on those bulked up shoulders
as you swan round in your undies
we just want you to play some rugby

as the taxpayer funds
your new fields, your stadiums
you sit around eating weatbix
you better not fuck it up you overpaid pack of dicks

go easy on the feelers
'casue they didn't write that shitty old song
but i can tell you right here right now
you won't catch me singing along

i gave up caring long ago
and thats sad cause the all blacks were once my heroes
it makes me sad to think we've had our day
and captain kirk and his boys 
are now just history

come on you blokes you can do it
grow some balls and get on with it
train until you are puking
every kiwi kid will be watching
break some bones and bust some heads
then raise that cup above you head

can't wait till next tuesday

this is one of my favorite live performances of anything...

wilco are playing in auckland next tuesday night... i can't wait... and funnily enough i am actually in row D... you followed me down the neck to D... we fell again into the sea...

weird and awesome

upside down heads rule... people have always said "haha you've got an upside down head" seeing as i have a beard and no hair... haha very funny, but see heaps of real upside down heads here

fast show jazz

this made me cry with laughter...

badass geetar player

steven seagall on guitar... this man is soooooooo talented... and he even has his own energy drink!!!

charles burns

charles burns is my favorite comic book artist... check him out...

charles burns gallery

covers duo

as i am about to enter the world of being a covers musican i have been looking around for inspiration and i came across 2 of hearts...


their version of 'here comes the sun' has to be heard to be believed...

no fukkin' wayyyy

this cannot be real...

the verve

fukk i forgot how epic these guys were...

ming works it

check out this awesome collar as worn by ming the merciless... i want one so bad... flash gordon used to be on when i was a little kid on sunday afternoons... it was only on for like 5 minutes or something because it was the old flash gordon serials that starred buster crabbe as flash... it was my first introduction to the cliff hanger... i remember flash falling down a bottomless pit and then it ended with a 'to be continued' and the next sunday we went out for a frikkin' sunday drive and we missed it... i never liked sunday drives after that...

great ad

being a twin towers fan, when i came across this amazing anti-smoking ad i flipped out... fukkin' genius...

cool movie poster website

when they say 'they don't make 'em like they used to' it's actually true in the case of movie posters... this is a cool website and it's a great way to see how both design and filmaking has changed hand in hand over the years...


poolside with bonnie 'prince' billy

she and him

i really liked 500 days of summer... and i really like m. ward... who knew that those two favorite things would come together...

don't f@#k with firecat!!!!